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Charles Pasi Live 

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Wednesday 3rd of June 

Get your tickets for Charles Pasi at: //

Signed to the legendary Blue Note Records in 2015, French/Italian singer-songwriter Charles Pasi has since released 3 studio albums and has played dates with Neil Young. He is a city-dweller a witness who walks and surveys, “with a harmonica, a pen, a heart that overflows, and the feeling that this is what he's here for.” 

His music is described as a subtle blend of sweetness and melancholy, lucidity and duality, a way of giving a lot without making lots of it. Charles Pasi has a rare thing in these troubled times: a look without judgement & Poetry with a fragile balance, which tells of this world at the same time, both beautiful and frightening.

Don't miss Charles at Nell's on Wednesday 3rd of June.

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