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Sunday 7th of June 


TalkingGigs is a brand new live experience that attempts to answer those questions AND give you an unforgettable night of ‘unplugged’ music. Think of it as a cross between your favourite alternative music show and your favourite talk or interview format. 


Every TalkingGig offers unique insights into the life, work and culture of an artist, mixing conversation with intimate musical performance, questions from the audience and sometimes visuals. It’s an immersive ride into another world, a chance to get close and personal with some of the musicians you love and hear them talk about their countries, cultures, instruments and influences, illustrating their words with unique performances of their best-known songs.

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Melissa Laveaux

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Melissa Laveaux is a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist. Her music has been described as a mix of roots, folk and blues using her signature percussive finger-style guitar stylings and soulful vocals. In April 2016. Mélissa heads to Haiti in search of her roots and on a mission to honour her ancestors. Two decades have gone by since she last set foot on the island when she was 12 years old. She feels like a stranger and yet, at the same time, she experiences the thrill of an exile returning home, for Haiti is an intrinsic part of her identity. 


In this unique event, she will her share her experiences and perform exclusively for Wax Lyrical festival.  

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